The Raw Juice Alliance is a new organization devoted to supporting truly fresh and raw juice companies (non-HPP) with poweful initiatives and resources aimed to educate their customers and cause a shift in the how the market views juice.

This initial campaign is perfect for any cold-pressed or fresh-pressed (non-HPP) juice company geared toward furthering the education of your customer base. With the '3 and Under' label on your bottle, marketing materials in your store or pop-up, and select images using the #3andUnder hashtag for your social channels, you'll effectively teach your customers that your juice is good within three-days from production. While many juices in the market are priced and positioned similarly, we know they're not fresh like juices that have a three-day shelf life. 


The objective of this campaign is to establish a unified message with fresh, cold-pressed juice companies in order to educate consumers between fresh and HPP juices. 


*Reach out to me through the form to your right to request materials and participation with

The Raw Juice Alliance.

Our Participating Companies


  • Healthy Being Juicery- Jackson, WY
  • Katie's Coldpress- Monterey, CA
  • Happy Moose Juice- San Francisco, CA
  • The Garden Table- Indianapolis, IN
  • Juicy Leaf- Kalamazoo, MI
  • Natural Born Juicers- Indianapolis, IN
  • Lucky Dutch Juice Company- San Diego, CA
  • Farm To Fork- San Diego, CA
  • Alchemy Juice Co.- West Palm, FL
  • Liquidology- Sacramento, CA
  • Plantbar- Baltimore, MD
  • Juice Buzz Delrey- Delray Beach, FL
  • Pure Life Juice Company- Folsom, CA
  • Renew Juicery- Los Angeles, CA
  • Restore Juice- Eugene, OR
  • Truce- Minneapolis, MN
  • The Vermont Juice Company- Burlington, VT
  • June Juice- Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • 92 Juice- Tuscon, AZ
  • Beet Street Juicery- Ft. Wayne, IN
  • The Design Juicery- Dunedin, New Zealand



What Joining The 3 and Under Campaign Gets You:


-Official Registration into the Raw Juice Alliance.

-2 marketing posters, embedded in lucite stands for your store.

  (More available for more stores if needed, price may vary)

-Instagram marketing on @theRrawjuicealliance account.

-Participating juicery in the #3andUnder social contest, 1-day cleanse giveaways.

-Use of electronic logos and files.



Coming Soon:

-Access to larger network of participating juice companies.

-Community Activation! Ways to connect your community and strengthen your brand.

-In-store trainings.

-Data collection on your customers.

-New marketing materials, flyers, and posters. 

-Partnership opportunities with health and wellness brands.




Contact Brandon Waloff directly to set up a call or to request membership into The Raw Juice Alliance and to recieve your campaign materials and access into our network. 

All rights reserved, The Raw Juice Alliance.

Our vision is your vision. Aside from the benefits that will come from spreading awareness through our current campaign, The Raw Juice Alliance is about us banding together with unified messaging and campaigns to cause a migration of consumers towards fresh juice, juice that still has its' integrity. Imagine a world where your customers know the differences between HPP and fresh, and through your brand make empowered choices about how they spend their money and what they do for their health. We have exciting new campaigns, ways to collect data on your customers, powerful videos, and a growing network of juicing professionals that you'll be able to connect to and source from. The future looks bright for our industry, and now is the time to work together so we can educate the growing legions of juice lovers and teach them that fresh is best.

The emerging juice world is growing. Because HPP juice companies can scale their business and grow fast and aren't always transparent in their marketing, now is the time for advocates of truly fresh cold-pressed juicing to band together and teach our clients, customers, friends, and families the facts about truly fresh and raw juice. What is it that needs to be taught? That fresh, cold pressed juice is better for you and better quality than High Pressure Processed (HPP) juice. I hope you'll join me in this mission.

The Possibility:

Why Now:

My name is Brandon Waloff, and I am the founder of The Raw Juice Alliance. I'm a Holistic Health Coach of 10 years and have been working in the natural and organics industry since 2002. I've worked with many brands and have always gravitated around companies that have integrity, passion, and are pushing the edge of how far this industry can grow.  I started The Raw Juice Alliance out of a desire to help truly raw and fresh cold-pressed juice companies differentiate themselves from HPP juice companies, something that the consumer market is still unclear about. If you would like to help the cause, send me an email, I'm currently looking for operational and financial support, as well as marketing and social media help. 

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